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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swap Til You Drop

Here are some of my finds from the Swap.  As you can see, they are all shoes.  I am especially in love with the black knee boots.  If you remember from my last Swap post, I have been wanting black knee boots for as long as possible! Even though I cheated on the challenge, I think it would still be worth it even if I only found these boots.  These plaid kitten heels are soo cute don’t you think?  They’re not something that I would normally buy, but when I saw them I had to pick them up.  I’m not even sure what I can wear with them yet but I can’t wait for the challenge to be over to experiment.  These eggplant shooties (shoes/booties; get with it, lol I make up words all the time) are so hot.  I’ve already imagined wearing them with knit tights or black leggings or even a mini.  The heel isn’t very high but I think these shooties are so flirtatious and fun.  Last and maybe least are these suedish shrug pointy boots.  I’ll start off by admitting that they are too big and I might have been a little rash by grabbing them.  Ok, I’m glad I got that off my chest, but I still wanna wear them and see how they look and fit with some skinny jeans, jeggings or even a mini.  I’ll just wear some thick socks lol.  Have I inspired you to host a swap or go to one??

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