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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My two front teeth

I had my 3rd retightening appointment today.  My teeth are super sore, but I've had teethloads of progress so I'm willing to take the pain for the gain.  Although these braces are so annoying when eating, talking and just plain living; I don't regret getting them at all.  I've had so much progress in a very short period of time.  If you look at the pic of my Dec tightening, you can see that my top two big teeth closed completely, and you can also see the clear elastic string around them.  The bottom four were almost closed as well with the elastic string pulling them together.  At last week's appointment the ortho assistant replaced the bands around the braces and replaced the elastic string around the original top two and the tooth on both sides of them.  The same was done to the bottom four and the tooth on both sides.  A wire string was used to hold the original top two teeth together and the bottom four respectively.  Unlike the elastic, the wire does not move the teeth, it is only used to hold the teeth in place.

 December tightening
 January tightening

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