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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bonne Fete Drapeau!

Happy Haitian Flag Day everyone!

Pause, yes Haitian Flag Day is really May 18th, but it is being celebrated today May 15th because Boston hosts an annual parade for the occasion on that Saturday.  Local school children march and carry banners and a HUGE Haitian flag.  It's a beautiful sight to behold.  Very family friendly and the whole community comes out to show their support.  The down part about Haitian Flag Day, is that it rains every year.  All day!

My sis and I decided to go check out the parade to show our support and  be in solidarity with our fellow Haitians.  We were especially happy for the spirit of hope that our newly elected President has ushered in.  However my sis and I are always "fashionably late", and that is an understatement.  By the time we were walking out of the door.  Her friend texted her to let her know the parade had ended early because of the rain.  WHOMP WHOMP!

Jacket: Hip Zepi; Black T; Charlotte Russe; Jeans: F21; Boots: Steve Madden

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