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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunset sunset

Another day, another set of beach pics.  Are ya'll tired of seeing me in my bathing suit yet?  Well my everyday outfits have not been that exciting, they mainly consist of shorts and camisoles.  Beach days are a nice reprieve, I get to frolic in the sun for a little bit but I am always beat after coming from the beach.

goat shish kabob

lobster & fried plantains; I don't really eat shellfish but I figured I would give grilled lobster a shot, the flavor was really good but I'm still not a fan of shellfish.  I don't really like the texture or the flavor of the meat.  Give me chicken, goat, fish or beef.

all that is missing is mr. maimusings

Bikini: Wet Seal; Dress: Express


  1. Beach days are a nice reprieve! So True!!


  2. Hey, enjoy being able to wear a B suit while you can, lol. Your workin it! Come by and check out my ASOS giveaway at

  3. I Looove Plantain supper jealous.. you look stunning x

  4. nice bikini!
    and the pictures are really lovely

  5. you are a KILLER in that bikini. I love it. Im not a big fan of lobster either but I do like crab.. YUM

  6. THank you all for the kind comments :)