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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Supper

Hope everyone's doing well!  Here are some pics from my last evening in the States.  I hung out with some girlfriends and we had our usual girl talk which consisted of men, men and some more men.  You know cuz we're philosophical like that.  There is a shopping plaza not to far from where three of us live that has really neat restaurants and cool shops.  I've been to almost all of them, but there was one, the Yard House that I never seemed to be able to make it to.  There always seems to be a long wait.  Well today was our special day, because there was a table available and it was patio seating (my fave in the summer & spring).  My outfit was nothing to write home about, because my "good clothes" were all packed up, but enjoy the shots of me and the homies.


Kim & me



chicken wings & sushi

Good times were had by all.  I look forward to hanging out with them some more when I get back to the States


  1. The food looks delish! I think men are always the main topic of girl talk!

  2. Hmm the food looks very tasty yum and I know that's what I do when I am with my girl friends, we talk about men, men and men lol.