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Friday, September 2, 2011

T Shirt kind of Day

Hi hi hi!
I went to watch a local soccer match last Friday (Aug 27th), and I just threw on some denim shorts and a t shirt, which if you have been following my blog for even a week, you would notice that is not a norm for me.  I've been really hot (which is to be expected in Haiti) and I wasn't going far, so my extra casual outfit would have to suffice.

A friend of mine makes Caribbean inspired t shirts and jackets.  This shirt is off the current President of Haiti, Michel J. Martelly.  This is how I wore it the last time.  I love this t.  Check out his site, the company is called Caribbean Apparel.

T shirt: Caribbean Apparel; Shorts: Arden B; Sandals: Old Navy 

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  1. awww you look amazing I love the toe nail polish