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Monday, July 25, 2011

African Fest

Boston hosted it's 2nd annual African Fest on the 16th, and it was an event that I was excited to check out. I love all cultural events; especially the music, traditional garb, and let's not forget the vendors! It was wonderfully hot that Saturday and I planned on walking around, so I knew that jeans and even shorts were out of the question.

I have a couple of really simple maxi dresses that I am not too crazy about. They're all very plain save for an intricate detail on the back or a beaded collar. I rationalized the purchase by telling myself that I could jazz it up with accessories. Although I have placed myself on a shopping ban, I vow to purchase pieces that have character as opposed to something simple because I can wear it a lot without anyone noticing.

I didn't have a camera, so no pics of the fest, and different vendor tables. There were some really nice things. However I am extremely frugal, and I knew that the prices were so high because of the event and not the actual quality (most but not all items). I was determined to score some baubles for my collection but I wanted to bargain instead of paying off the vendor's mortgage. I was very successful with my bargaining skills, I will do a post soon about what I scored.

Although these sandals are not THAT comfortable, the cognac color, and braided detailing reminded me of home. I love all things ethnic, but I hate paying Western prices for them lol.

I've had this orange lipstick for a while, but I was being a punk and didn't wear it until that day

Dress: AJ Wright; Belts: H&M; Sandals: Urban Outfitters; Bag: Nine West Outlet


  1. Cute and sexy dress, the orange lipstick fits you good :) xoxo

  2. Mai, you look amazing! I love your hair really I love everything honestly. Love the bangles and your belt! I need a black maxi!

    Thank you so much for joining the CERTIFIEDchic movement! Welcome Beauty! :))


  3. don't be shy, orange looks good on you!

  4. Very stylish lady.

  5. Thnx ladies! @Inez, thanks 4 all of ur help w my Blogger issues