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Monday, July 4, 2011

That's the Spirit

Short post, mainly pics.

Happy 4th of July to my fellow American readers.  I went to a friend's cookout today.  I wanted to be festive and patriotic without looking like the American flag.

 Also while I was taking my outfit pics, which are usually in my backyard my next door neighbor tells me that I look cute minus the hat.  I told her thank you for the unsolicited advice.

Apparently Haitians didn't get the memo about wearing the colors of the American flag, I am the only one that had on red, white and blue.  LOL!!

Have any passers-by ever commented on your outfit, and if so what did you say?

Romper: F21; Sandals: Target; Fedora: Filene's Basement


  1. Girl...gimme that ring! I LOVE it! Super cute jumper!

  2. Thnx ladies, @ Full Figured Diva, the wings reminded me of an eagle so it worked with the patriotic look i was going for.

  3. Love the jumper and hat...too cute!