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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Money to Blow

Hello hello!
Quick back story. I was at Savers (thrift store chain) on Monday exchanging a purse. As I'm leaving, a crisp $100 bill on the floor behind an empty register catches my eye. For all of two seconds, I considered discreetly picking it up. Then the moral side of my brain kicked in and suggested that I alert the manager. I figured that it probably fell from someone's register, and once the drawer was counted at the end of the shift; said person's drawer would be short, and they would probably be fired for a careless mistake on their part and thievery on mine. I did the right thing and told the manager. You guys don't know how much it hurt, but I sucked it up and went home, as poor as I had left. Fast forward to Sunday. I went to a Haitian club (what a surprise) and as I'm walking to the bathroom, I make out in this dark club, money folded up on the floor. I wasted no time in bending down to pick it up. I sped to the bathroom and lo and behold it was two $20s and a $10. Woohoo! It pays to do the right thing I guess. On to what y'all came for :); fashion!

This is a necklace that I scored at the Afrofest! Love the bright color and the wooden beads.

The leopard print bangle is from the Afrofest too. You should have seen me at work, bargaining for all I'm worth lol.

I've never taken a quicker picture in my life. I was afraid of someone looking at me 0_o

Yay for me trying out new locales for my outfit pics!

Top: Marshalls; Skirt: F21; Shoes: Steve Madden


  1. i love the last pic, all kinds of fierce...yay for a money come up! coulda had $150 tho :P but good on you for being a good cookie


  2. I looove your hair in the first pic...Cute outfit too

  3. Haha, good for you! Love the background and love the stripes and love it mixed with the animal prints!

  4. nice outfit! Very daring to wear striped with leopard.!


  5. Thnx ladies! @Meda, I'm trying 2 be a little more adventurous.

  6. OOOOH you look hot! and karma was def in your favor!

  7. cute skirt!

    xo Ashleigh