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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dinner With A View

Excuse the face, idk what was goin on.

I went to dinner with an ex today.  It was a casual unplanned dinner, so I didn't feel the need to dress up.  We went down to the Marina Bay in Quincy.  There were several restaurants with a great view of the water to choose from.  The only downside is that we weren't able to see the sunset during dinner, as it was too late.  Oh, dinner was delish by the way.  Food is definitely a favorite pastime!

Top: Arden B; Boyfriend Jeans: Target; Sandals: AJ Wright; Belt: Thrifted


  1. I love how you remember where you get all the pieces of clothing!

  2. @Jae well I usually frequent the same stores all the time so it's pretty easy, but I never remember where I get accessories from.