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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Preppy By Nature

When I think of preps, I think of cardigans and argyle, so I your lovely blogger combined both!  Ingenious hunh?  I think I did preppy chic justice today.  I’m a little unsure about the black pearls though, imagine if someone thought I was a preppy goth or something of that sort.  The horror!  I’ve always admired fashion bloggers who take very creative and artistic pictures in super cool locales like coffee shops or train tracks.  I briefly toyed with the idea of taking pics in a public setting, but that thought was quickly thrown to the wayside when I realized how frigidly cold it was and I envisioned all of the people that would be gawking at me.  I was so nervous of being caught taking pictures of myself in the Russian section of the library.  
Cardigan: H&M; Camisole: H&M; Slacks: Express (swapped); Shoes:Old Navy 

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