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Sunday, December 12, 2010

When you're here you're family

I went to dinner with my sister and some friends to have a belated birthday dinner for the sis.  Her birthday was on the 22nd of November so I don’t even think it counts.  However we all got free dessert because we were out celebrating her birthday lol.  No complaints here.  I’m not really into Italian food, and I’ve only been to Olive Garden once or twice so I didn’t have high expectations for dinner.  Dining out is more about the experience which includes the food but also includes the company I’m in, the service and the ambiance.  I can tell you the company that I was in was hilarious.  We had quite a lively and dirty conversation during dinner that I’m sure caused a few raised eyebrows from fellow diners.  

Cardigan: Love Culture; Blouse: Urban Outfitters; Jeans: Wet Seal; Boots: Old Navy; Baubles: Various stores 

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