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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle

Leopard and red oh my!  This is my only leopard print top, and I want more.  I'm always tempted to wear it when I'm heading out.  I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for reasonably priced animal print tops.

This maxi skirt is really a dress.  I wore the top over the maxi dress and belted it at the waist.  I've seen a lot of fashion bloggers wear a dress as a skirt.  They've all done a great job with it too.  However I feel like the dress looked bulky under the belt.

The wind was killer today.  My hat almost blew away a couple times.  That would of been a huge disaster because I was on the top floor of the building, and my sweet fedora would of been a goner.

This fedora is my newest best friend.  I wear it every chance I get.  I think it fits in really well with the "safari' theme I've got going on with the leopard print top.

These sandals are pretty nifty too.  I love their woven detail, and the cognac color.  The only complaint that I have about them is that like sandals do, they pick up dirt and dust with every step I take.

Top: F21; Maxi dress: AJ Wright; Belt: H&M; Fedora: Filene's Basement; Sandals: Urban Outfitters

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