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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Montreal, Je Me Souviens

Yes, I know it's Quebec Je Me Souviens but I went to Montreal so bear with me.  I went to Montreal with a couple of friends and my sis to celebrate one of our friend's birthday.  The trip had some highs and lows.

High: Sucking on blow pops in the club
Low: Having a heated argument with my sis's friend

High: Attempting to translate hot sauce in French
Low: Not realizing there are two taxes in Canada

*Warning: Post is picture heavy

A look at our escapades

Eggspectations breakfast menu

Mimosas anyone?

Poached eggs and smoked salmon

Pretty in Pink

Canadian cab rides

This guy is a doppledanger for Adrien Brody

We met the Situation (not really, but why did this guy ruin a great pic?)

Rainbow coalition

Jammin to some hit, I'm always ready for a pic lol

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