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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I went with the boo to church today.  I intended on wearing this skirt, but I was unsure what top to pair it with.  When I settled on this top, I wondered how my polka dot tights would look with it.  I rarely mix patterns, but after seeing how well the two different sized dots looked together, I think I like it, and I just may try it again.

Do you have any patterns that you have been curious to try?

This tree fell from the neighbor's yard into our yard, and it is a serious hindrance to my picture taking aspirations.  Darn you acts of God (shaking my fist at the sky).  However I did notice what looks like a bird's nest.

How cool is it?  I of course didn't touch it but I did poke and prod it a little.  Nature is so wondrously beautiful and cool all at once don't you think?

This pic makes me think of Judy Blume's coming of age novel, Are you there God it's me, Margaret, please tell me I'm not the only one that read that.

 What are some books that you ladies read adolescents, I think I've read almost every Sweet Valley High and Baby Sitter's Club book there is.

Jacket & Shoes: Arden B; Shirt & camisole H&M; Skirt: The Limited; Tights: Target; Cluth: F21

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