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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Night that Never Was

My sis called me to see if I would be interested in going to a local lounge to chill and listen to some Kompa and Zouk.  I of course jumped (more like sauntered) out of bed to find a LBD (little black dress) for the event.  Alas ladies we did not make it to the event, so I was all dressed up with nowhere to go.  My night was a bit ruined but listening to Kompa and Zouk always lifts my spirits so give a listen.   

 Kompa ex: Carimi (Buzz) 

     Zouk ex: Cabo Zouk, Nelson Freitas (Deeper)

 Another Steve Madden find from their 1/2 off clearance sale.  This pic does not do the shoe justice.

             Jacket & Dress: Arden B; Shoes: Steve Madden


  1. love your make up, and your shoes are really cute.

  2. @egotripandfashion thnx dear, although I didn't get to wear them out I love them too.