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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soft and Neutral

My sister in law threw a surprise birthday party for my brother today.  Of course I was late and made it there way after the birthday boy's arrival.  I like to think that I made a fashionably late entrance.  It was at a cool restaurant called Louie's in Patriot's Place.  Definitely check it out if you live in or are visiting the great Bay State.  Since it was a small family and friends hang out vibe, I wore jeans and a plain v neck white T.

However we fashion obsessed ladies know that outfits are never simple with us.  I spiced up my ensemble with these pink feather earrings and my nude studded wedges.  I have never been a big fan of wedges because of their appearance, but I now understand why everyone raves about them.

These suckers are comfortable!  Although the heel was pretty high, I was extremely comfortable in the shoe and my toes didn't pinch nor were my arches crying out in agony.  If those aren't criteria for a great shoe, I quite frankly don't know what is!

Do you ladies have a specific shoe type that you swear by for comfort; platform, wedge, flats, pump?

Jacket: Arden B; T: Charlotte Russe; Jeans: Aeropostale; Shoes: Aldo; Jewelry: F21


  1. i have a friend who has the same shoes. i could die for them lol, pretty amazing.

  2. @Egotripandfashion, thanx i love these shoes I have so may outfits to pair them with in mind!