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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red & Yellow Red & Yellow

I was up so late last night trying to create an outfit for today.  I scoured fashion blogs, magazines, the color wheel and my closet for inspiration to almost no avail.  But don't fret fashion friends.  I did manage to put something together.


I have an interesting relationship with the color yellow.  I love it in the sky, in flower fields and in my cheesy eggs, but bright yellow on my skin is no bueno!  I think it makes me look pale, and that is definitely not the look I am ever going for.  Pale yellow (or baby yellow as I affectionately call it) is A ok in my book.

Whenever I wear pale yellow I always tend to pair it with gray, either a vest or jeans; and today was no different as you can see.  I think my dark red peep toe Aldo shoes complemented it well?

What colors do you run away from, or always find yourself wearing?

Shirt: H&M; Jeans: Wet Seal; Shoes: Aldo; Jewelry: Various Stores


  1. I love how we both did yellow in our recent posts! Great blog and thank you for the nice comments you left on mine!

  2. Thnx chere @*jp*, yeah it is cool that we both wore yellow, & I love your blog too!

  3. j'aime beaucoup ton style, et tu as une très belle collection de chaussures

  4. I love those shoes :)
    lovely simple outfit!

  5. thnx ladies @chictherapy & dith!

  6. Your locs are lovely ;) They remind me of my own, lol. Check out 'UnLoc'd' in the label section on my blog:

  7. Thnx Abbie, but I have confess most of it is yarn not my own.