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Saturday, August 20, 2011

There She Goes, There She Goes Again

Hi all!
I went to the Stone Zoo today.  I've been to the Franklin Park Zoo numerous times, bt never the Stone Zoo.  I love being outdoors and learning new things, so a zoo trip is definitely up my alley.  I do have an issue with animals being caged in as opposed to being in their natural habitat; but what's a girl to do.  As long as they don't look like they're being mistreated.  Stone Zoo is small, and a little far from Boston but I liked it better.  It wasn't busy, and it didn't look like all of the exhibits were crowded together.

Where are the frogs

I love goat, yummy yummy!

Snow leopard

 El lobo

Beautiful totem pole

How cool is this bird's nest

I swear she posed for my picture

How beautiful are her spots?

These gibbons are so talented and agile

Do you like the zoo, or animal related activities?

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