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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bubble Tea

Hi all,
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  This post is a bit overdue, because the pics are from two weeks ago (8/3) when I went to lunch with a friend.  We went to grab some sushi in Copley (an upscale business/shopping area that spans several blocks).  I wasn't too crazy about my meal.  However I perked up a bit when I realized that they now offered bubble tea (an Asian drink, either tea or juice that has tapioca pearls in it) yum!  Their bubble tea selection was tiny so I stuck with my face Asian teal; Thai tea.  It was a really nice and sunny day.  I finally brought out my white jeans that I have been so scared to wear.  I am like a little kid when it comes to wearing white.  I get every stain imaginable on my white clothing.  This has made me ridiculously wary of wearing white.  I did manage to get through my meal without any stains; so three claps for me!

Thai tea, the bubbles are the little black balls on the bottom

Salmon salad with capers

This was the piece de resistance, salmon, tuna and avocado sushi, mixed greens and seaweed salad yum!

High of my day: Not getting a ticket although my meter had long expired
Low of the day: Not being able to find my car, and walking around for 20mins looking for it

Top: Marshalls; Jeans: TJ Maxx; Sanals: Old Navy

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