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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

She was the sun's painting

Hi ladies and lads!  Today (8/4) was spent at the doctors and getting my eyebrows done (long overdue).  What do you all think of my shirt?  I got it at the Afro Fest.  This was my last acquisition.  The vendor must have really wanted to sell his things because he gave me the shirt for $5 and I think that they're normally $15 or $20.  I didn't even have to bargain.  I actually insisted that I didn't want to buy anything because I didn't have any money left.

This pic reminds me of the Jill Scott and Mos Def song Love Rain, although there is no rain and I am not in love

Back to the shirt.  Although I am not a Rasta, I love anything with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah on it.  This was a regular t shirt that I wanted to add a little spice to.  I cut the neckline and the sleeves.  The concept seemed great in my mind, but I'm not sure about the final product.  Who knows, I'l just keep wearing it enough until I like it.  Has that ever happened to you, where you attempted to alter an item and it didn't come out quite like you imagined? 

Love my boat shoes, I've been rocking them hard whenever I have errands to run

High: Finally getting over my strep throat (I thought that was a teenager thing)
Low: Having my doctor hustle me vaccinations and meds just because I'm traveling to Haiti

T: Street vendor; Jeans: Target; Shoe: Marshalls; Fedora: Filene's Basement


  1. Awe you had strep throat. sorry.

    Love this outfit and that top.
    cute ring and tattoo

  2. I adore this shirt and I love the way you put it together! Whoo hoo to being a Bertrand too :) Thank you for all the love on my blog. I truly appreciate it